Adjusting To The Next Level

As a high school athlete, if you are the best player on your team, you automatically think you have it all. The most goals or points on the team, the school’s best athlete, and even have the scholarship to the college level. However, after you get that great scholarship to play at the college level, a reality check sets in. You soon begin to realize that you were not the only person who had that dream of playing at the next level back in high school. You see that all of the freshmen coUnknown.pngming in who are playing the same sport as you were that star as well. You then see that you can not be the standout player in college like you were in high school. You observe that the game is much faster and you start to have bad days at practice because you aren’t the starting point guard, or quarterback and trying your hardest isn’t good enough now. To make things even worse, you have three times as much homework to do when you get back to your room then you would in high school. As a student athlete you have do this on average 5-6 days’ week.

Adjusting to the student athlete life in college compared to high school is a very big difference, not all student athletes have the ability to do well. This is what the main problem that student athletes have.

Not all people are built for the next level in college because in some cases, playing in college is like a full time job compared to a relaxed practice every day after school.

Most student athletes cannot adjust to what the word actually means in context. “Student” then “Athlete”. These factors of adjusting to the next level can be one of the hardest things you can do once you graduate from– what is actually just the first step in life—high school.


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