Title IX: Equal Opportunity In Athletics

Title IX gives women athletes the right to equal opportunity in sports in educational institutions that receive federal funds.

Before Title IX there was fewer than 30,000 women playing collegiate sports. The NCAA has reported there is over 150,000 women as of 2010. It is apparent that passing the laws really benefited woman, even beyond athletics. The institution must provide an equal amount of varsity teams, as well as the number of student athletes. The law essentially required all colleges to provide an equal opportunity for both men and women. The problem is the rules of the sports causes an unequal opportunity for men.

title-ix-300x247.jpegThe rules of men only sports, require larger numbers. For example, men’s football. College Football is currently only offered to men. The average players on a football team is 85 men, according the athletic scholarship home page. There is no other sport offered for women that has a team size that average. By the nature of the game the teams require that many participants. Another great example is the difference between men’s and women’s lacrosse. Due to the difference in rules between men’s and women’s, men’s lacrosse significantly outnumbers women’s lacrosse in term of players per team. There is no sports offered to women that outnumber men. As a result of this uneven distribution of athletes, it forces schools to cut men’s sports teams to maintain funding. This cut in collegiate men’s teams due to number of participants is unjustified. The rule variation of sports cause for men’s team to overpopulate women’s. Making the numbers of participation equal for men and women, is impossible without the alteration of current rules. If the rules of women’s sports were altered to cater having larger teams, then it would be an even playing field in terms.

It is not a matter of guys or girls being favored. The rules of the sports offered for men require for larger numbers. The larger numbers for men conflicts with TITLE IX as a result. No one is to blame for the conflict in numbers, it comes down to the rules of the sports provided.







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