Having Second Thoughts? College Athletics Is Not For Everyone!

On any collegiate sports team there are always two key groups of people that make up the team. The starters and the practice players. There is almost always a time in any athlete’s career where they find themselves on the bench. Maybe because of injury or the simple fact that there is someone better on the team.

In some situations, it is hard to practice, lift and watch film when you don’t get to play in the game or match. Being a college athlete takes a lot of time and dedication which is why only a certain type of person is able to manage the task.shutterstock182516954new.jpg

Now take all of these responsibilities and add on the fact that you are not playing the sport you love and spend all your time practicing. For some people the sport is not fulfilling enough when you aren’t getting the playing time you desire. This is why nearly 30% of student athletes quit.

In the sports world, “quitting” is looked at as a four letter word by many people especially your teammates.  Well, I am not here to tell you to quit your sport but I am here to tell you it is okay to make a decision based on how you feel. Even if
that decision means dropping a sport you have played since the the first grade.

The transition from student-athlete to just student can take some getting used too. There is no shame in quitting if it is something that will make you happier. My advice is to try something new and exciting in your newly acquired free time and most importantly, have fun.



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