Six Stages Of Waking Up For Morning Practice

Although there is a lot of glitz and glamour that comes from being a collegiate level athlete there is also a lot of sacrifice. Many people say that this sacrifice will help you out in the long run and prepare you for the “real world,” however it can be hard to keep this in the back of your mind when all of your college buddies are able to stay up till the crack of dawn partying and then sleep in till dinner time. Yet this is what we have signed ourselves up for.
I believe one of the hardest sacrifices that collegiate level athletes have to make is sacrificing sleep. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY likes to get out of their bed in the morning but another layer of dread is added when you know you are waking up just to get your ass kicked during a grueling practice that will push you mentally and physically to your limits all before the sun even begins to rise. However I have decided to shed some comic relief on this topic and do a spoof with the help of some gifs on: The Six Stages Of Waking Up For Morning Practice.

  1. The first dreaded alarm goes off. You are still in dreamland so it doesn’t bother you. #NotEvenFazed //
  2. The second alarm goes off. You hear it but do not wish to believe it is true.#No //
  3. The third alarm goes off. You open your eyes and wonder if you are really even awake? #AmIDreaming                                                                                                 //
  4. The fourth alarm goes off. The sadness kicks in. You have a brief moment of self pity and you even may shed a tear or two. #MyLifeSucks                                               //
  5. The fifth alarm. The anger kicks in. You have a mini spaz attack in your bed thinking WHY DO I PUT MYSELF THROUGH THIS TORTURE?!  #UGH                    //
  6. The sixth alarm. You have accepted your fate. You are awake. You are going to practice. You are not sure what is to come but you are a collegiate level athlete and you fear NOTHING. #LetsDoThis #SleepIsForTheWeak                                          // 

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