History of the NCAA

The National Collegiate Athletic Association or better known as the NCAA was founded and established in 1906 to protect and implement rules for athletes attending universities. The original start of the NCAA was a compromise to make sure football was not abolished because of how dangerous the sport was. In the 1905 season, there were 18 counted deaths of the amateur level players. Shortly after the NCAA was the solution caused by public outcry.Unknown.png

The NCAA is now known for its insane profits off of college level athletics or their consistently learned slogan, “Student-Athlete”. The inherently worn badge that comes with the pride of being a next level athlete is just one marketable source of income. It is now looked at as one of the most competitive athletic organizations in the world overseeing 1,281 institutions and over 450,000 student-athletes. The NCAA is also known for helping low income families afford college by offering free or lowered tuition for desired athletes.

The consistently growing NCAA is now more than a way to ensure athletes safety, it is entertainment that is watched by all ages all over the country. And in todays market where entertainment is so desired, profitable and easily accessed, I don’t see the NCAA changing back to what it was first made for, athletes safety.




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